Thesis Summary Writing: It’s Not That Difficult[25 Samples]

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Thesis summary writing: 25 thesis summary samples

Thesis writing is generally the most dreaded aspect of graduate school.

In fact, many students find that their thesis is the cause of anxiety and stress due to the overwhelming nature of these papers.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ve found a list of twenty-five unique and creative thesis summary samples that prove that thesis writing is not as difficult as it may seem.

1. This protein might cause asthma. But then again, it doesn’t.

There are several genetic studies that have been done to prove or disprove how genetics affect conditions such as asthma. It is theorized that the single nucleotide polymorphism within the CD14 region combining with exposure to bacteria contributes to asthma. However, this is in specific cases only and generally considered a risk factor, not an actual cause.

With a science thesis they want you to do solid research into something new. You take a guess at something and try to figure it out. If your guess is wrong it is still considered valuable because you ruled out a possibility.

2. People can imagine animals like they are people. People tend to like and prefer those animals more than what they consider regular animals except sometimes they don’t.

It is long believed that humans place value on animals based on how human the animals seem. But what makes a lobster’s comfort less valuable than a cat’s or a dog’s? Because certain animals can’t scream or frown, or because they never yawn or sing or blink, it’s too hard to care about them. For example, many humans cannot associate with non-human animals due to the lack of emotional characteristics. But where do humans draw the line between too human-where things are falling into the uncanny valley and not human enough?

Animals that are our friends and pets are typically the ones most people prefer. That is definitely something we can agree with – most people will choose their fluffy cat over a crab or even a cow. But what’s wrong with choosing Fido over something that could potentially be a meal?

3. When this gene is removed, it messes the brain up. A lot.

How the brain stores information and accesses memories is quite similar to that of a hard drive on a computer. When you remove a certain gene from the brain or even the human body, it is like removing a piece of hardware from the computer. Without all functioning pieces working together, the processes are disrupted in the brain and everything becomes quite messy.

This is the equivalent of seeing ‘Removing a line of code here will break the entire code, but we don’t know why it breaks’ in comments on forums relating to computer programming. ‘Code acts like it will do nothing. System requires this code and will not work without this piece of code. Do not delete.’

4. Will there be a discovery of a Higgs bosons here? Not likely.

The Higgs is unstable and vast, in order to find it, we need to look at what it decays into, followed by adding those pieces back together. Part of this thesis was looking for a rare decay mode, and there simply wasn’t enough data to see a signal inside all the noise, so we set a limit: “the Higgs is not decaying to this channel at 10 times the expected rate, or we would have seen something.”

This is common in physics, most of the time, there’s nothing to see and that helps get rid of exotic theories. And of course you’d publish that! You don’t want some other research group to waste precious time and energy doing a study that’s already been done with similar data. But will we ever find a Higgs? Only time and more research will tell.

5. Sand will wash away over time. Avoid building important buildings on it.

Due to the Earth’s crust moving and shaping over centuries this causes the tides to change slightly with each passing year. For example, in the case of constructing a new building, it is best to put the structure somewhere away from the coast, because eventually, the sand there will wash away with the tides.

This is why in landscape architecture we have something called the 100 year flood line. Statistically speaking, every 100 years there will be a flood bad enough to reach this line. Of course some centuries it could occur several times and others it might not happen at all. Either way, if you want something to not fall into water eventually, don’t build there. Seems pretty logical enough. You don’t want to end up swimming with the fish? Don’t build near water.

6. Girls ingest birth control. Girls will urinate the un-metabolized estrogens from the birth control. This urine travels to the water treatment plants, estrogens are not treated, and male fish then turn into female fish.

thesis summary: un-metabolized estrogens

Estrogen is just a chemical. There is no “human” estrogen. This goes for all chemicals. Some may affect different species differently, or not at all, but usually there is some sort of effect, which is why it’s so important to understand how chemicals are released into the environment. Estrogen and other such chemicals might be the product of evolution in mammals.

So male fish who are exposed to estrogen will turn into female fish? Where in the world do fish respond to estrogen in such a manner? It’s kinda of hard to imagine all fish having a sex change when exposed to small amounts estrogen from their environment – not their genetics.

7. Little things will stick together. There is an easier way to calculate the stickiness.

According to Van der Waals forces, little things, such as geckos, are able to stick to bigger things with ease. To calculate Van der Waals force, you need to consider everything based on the microscopic theory and the calculations can be dense. A simpler way to calculate stickiness is using Casimir force.

For things that are sticky, how they stick to surfaces is a complex calculation that can give the everyday person a headache. Finding a simpler way to do things not only saves time, but makes it easier for the average person to understand or even do. Either way, sticky things are still sticky.

8. Inpatients suffering from schizophrenia will be happier and more likely to socialize more in the group when listening to music.

It was apparent before the project and the research began. Since there is nothing new to be proven with this theory, nothing new has been learned or discovered. The research only reiterated something that was already a fact. Nothing changed.

Maybe this student was taking the easy way out. However, the evidences were put onto paper, which makes it easier for psychiatry professionals to persuade their department heads to add it in the budget. While the research may not have been particularly ground breaking, putting it on paper is SUPER important – for awareness and referencing. Sounds like a win-win to us.

9. Kids who are intensely bullied grow up to be adults with really low self-esteem and are generally less successful than their peers.

The emotional and even physical damages caused by bullying will lead to negative quality of life in later years. Whether it is due to low confidence, violence, mental unstableness, or poor lifestyle choices, bullying harm leaves lasting effects on its victims.

An example of this theory would be a boy that was relentlessly bullied by his three siblings growing up. The guy in question is 24, completely failed his 1st entire year of college, was expelled, and is addicted to video games. Now he is living at home and paying a very low rent by the grace of his parents. It just goes to show that bullying truly affects its victims, even for the rest of their lives. Don’t be a bully – hands down.

10. Math doesn’t real, because real doesn’t real – it maths.

Mathematics is what makes the world go round. Everything can be directed back to simple and/or complex calculations. No matter what it is, math has a part of how it functions or reacts to its environment. The calculations will always be – no matter what and they do not follow any real world theories or laws- math follows the rules of math.

Mathematics doesn’t always follow our intuition, because the world doesn’t follow our intuition, it follows math. Logic will always trump intuition as it is plainly stated above. But don’t tell that to a psychic.

11. Nanoparticles are weird and I accidentally made a bomb and electrocuted myself.

It is theorized that synthesizing nanomaterials through a hydrothermal method and supporting the metal nanoparticles onto the nanomaterials and will allow for using them as catalysts. Basically, mix a solution and the precursor together, stick them into an autoclave then heat it up to 100 degrees Celsius. In this particular explosion the chemical mixture contained NaOH at an 18M concentration and this was heated up to 180 degrees Celsius.

Research can be interesting and it can lead to amazing discoveries. In this case, the research was literally explosive.

12. Making models of galaxies in a computer is similar to real galaxies but they don’t act like real ones. Even if the computer galaxies bang together or mix around.

Creating visual likeness of a galaxy on a computer should be comparable to an actual galaxy the computer model is based upon. While they have similarities in visual components, they do not act the same, no matter what is done to the computer model, it will not react the same as an actual galaxy would.

Probably has to do with the fact that you can’t even come close to simulating 1/1000th of the universe in any real physical way. You’re almost universally cheating and rebuilding your observations of what happens through the only means you can. Nice try.

13. Bad sleep may actually be a direct cause of depression instead of just a symptom of it.

thesis summary: bad sleap causes dpression

One reason this might be is because bad sleep lets the brain process negative stuff. We can measure that bias in processing with my fancy new test.

Many of the most effective treatments, both for behavioral and for pharmacological exist for depression as well as chronic sleep disturbances. When thinking of the latter, CBT-I, or in plain terms, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, is extremely effective.

In the case of this thesis, it seems like it’s taken years for doctors and scientist to say ‘you’re depressed because you are tired, not tired because you are depressed’.

14. You’re sitting in a room that has three mirrored walls in the shape of a triangle. What does the room look like?

Mirrored walls in a triangle room would seem to meet at a point of infinity and any reflections would do the same. Looking through any of the three mirrors from different positions is like looking at a 3D mirror image of the space.

We’re not sure what we would do if we were in a triangle room with mirrored walls. It would seem like a fun house that we couldn’t get out of.

15. People trying meditation for the first time get aroused.

Those who are meditating for the first time will experience feelings of arousal due to the nature of the human body and association with relaxation. People were told to sit and think about nothing and it’s a known fact that everyone thinks about tits when they are bored. Therefore meditation causes arousal.

Maybe the research group was primarily male. It doesn’t sound like they’ve done a terribly large amount of research into this, but then again, this conclusion is so intuitive we don’t think any was necessary. Thank you for your contributions to science.

16. Two proteins will touch each other in the developing heart. I don’t know if this is relevant or not.

This theory is based upon human proteins and searching for interactions with mouse proteins to increase the chances that any interactions found would be relevant to humans. Research that is attempting to identify new protein partners to a pretty important transcription factor that controls specific parts of heart development. Mice and humans are over 99% genetically identical in the heart, so hopefully anything found in the mouse will be true in humans.

Animals and humans do have a lot in common in their genetic code. Dare we say that if a human can love, a mouse can too? Maybe it’s that obscure protein that holds all the answers.

17. Make new magnets out of old magnets because we are running out of materials for new magnets.

thesis summary: make new magnets of old

In order to keep up with a growing demand of magnets, making new magnets from old ones could be the answer we are looking for. Something like 90% of the world’s neodymium is in China. Neodymium is the primary rare earth metal currently used to make small, very powerful magnets. In order to fight a dependency on China for Neodymium, creating new magnets from old ones is the solution.

While it shows good effort towards recycling initiatives, China is well aware that they have the Neodymium supply on lockdown. Our guess is they won’t be happy about producing new magnets from old ones. Let’s not start world war three over magnets.

18. Cells have properties that can shut down the protein synthesis. That property is used clinically to help kill cancer cells.

The naturally occurring properties in cells can be extracted to combat and kill cancer cells. It is theorized that the properties within cells can be extracted to fight cancer in cancer patients since the body’s natural defense mechanism is to shut down any cells with cancer, taking this and applying it to cancer patients, should improve the cancerous regions.

Noble hypothesis, but we are not so sure about the execution. The body does have ways of shutting down, but when it comes to cancer cells, things get a little tricky. How do we know if the host body will accept the new cancer fighting cells?

19. When the government wants to give handouts to poor people, too much of that money winds up in the hands of people who aren’t poor at all. Why?

thesis summary: handouts to poor people

Because the forms you have to fill in to get the handouts are too complicated, and poor people can’t read so good.

It is suggested that there is a strong correlation to uneducated people and poverty. Unfortunately those who need the help the most do not receive it due to the lack of understanding how to properly fill out the forms they need to qualify for assistance. Instead, those who can take advantage of the system, will, which leaves those in need, in a constant state of need.

While it could be useful for people to get assistance with the forms, if the forms are left complicated and tricky, fewer people will fill them out. The government knows this and wants to keep it that way so they stay within budget. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it’s true.

20. By asking 20 simple questions to 50 randomly selected employees in a large corporation (about their overall job satisfaction,) you are able to estimate quite accurately the next year’s shares pricing.

If a company has happy and satisfied employees, they will see a larger yield the next year and an increase in their share price.

Successful businesses keep their employees happy: with benefits, bonuses, and a high quality work life. When you keep your employees happy, they will do better for the business because they are motivated to do so. This is something successful business owners know to be true – think about the profits.

21. Water will freeze if you hit it hard enough.


Pressure and temperature are the two things that determine freezing/melting/whatever points. Adding pressure increases the temperature needed for something to freeze. Hitting something really hard increases the pressure, but doesn’t increase the temperature as much, so it freezes.

thesis summary: water will freeze if you hit it hard

Water is known to not like being compressed. This must be one heck of a hit to cause water to freeze on impact. Not something that can be done by the average person – maybe Hercules?

22. People are easy convinced to violate their own morals when put into awkward situations.

When placed in awkward situations, it is proposed that people will turn against their morals, despite any consequences. To prove this theory, a test at a call center convincing people to violate their company policies in order to get access to sensitive and confidential material was conducted. The test proved the theory to be correct in nearly all cases.

Company loyalty has to be bought and so does disloyalty. We’re sure a bribe or two was made in order to prove this theory.

23. Museums digitized their collections wrong. Can we use computers to fix it? Sort of.

If records are not digitized correctly, computers can be used to fix it. In most cases. For example, you wanted to find a specific artifact and you wanted to search across multiple institution’s collections. You’ve got to deal with multiple metadata schemas, different field syntaxes between collections, different syntaxes WITHIN collections. Any incorrectly inputted data will not show up as incorrect.

Through all the different artifacts to sort through, you better hope it’s entered right by an intelligent person. This could be an easy way for a disgruntled employee to wreak havoc.

24. Bilingualism changes your experience of reality and how you relate to the culture around you.

Learning languages changes how you see the world around you as it allows you to become more open and sensitive to other cultures and peoples. An example is that a Korean person explained that the Korean word for ‘unique’ is interchangeable with ‘bad’. So kids could subconsciously grow up associating extreme uniqueness with bad news. It is instances like this that could be contributing to why eastern culture is less about praising individuality and more about conforming and working together as one. It’s hard coded into the language to see the world differently.

It seems to us that until you are aware of other cultures and languages, your own is the only way to go. Would the world be a better place if we all understood the reasoning’s behind the way we are or the things we do? Until there is a universal Utopia, we may never know.

25. Military drones are sold as tools that increase American security but they actually decrease security in a lot of different and unexpected ways.

In the research conducted, drones alone don’t solve the terrorist problem very effectively because they more than likely create conditions that are a breeding ground for terrorism.
Using drones in war ridden countries to destroy their livelihoods, will bring attention to those who make the drones, regardless if they are the country that sent them or not.

That thing that killed all those people, yeah it’s from America. America sucks you need to kill them, seems like a logical recruitment method. Maybe drones aren’t the answer after all?

As you probably understood, thesis writing can be different experience for each person. Someone may take it seriously and discover something unheard of. Another person person probably takes more humorous approach. While other students may decide to write a dissertation on specific topic just to prove that the process they describe is impossible or does not exist. Now the purpose of your thesis, it’s true meaning, and you will succeed.

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