What Makes Your PhD Experience a Good Work Experience

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You’ve heard that a hundred times: being at college isn’t the “real world,” and the longer you are there, the less you know about how that “real world” functions. However, contrary to this biased belief, your PhD experience is a great work experience. Don’t let other people disorient you.

Your doctoral degree gives you a serious advantage over other applicants for a job. Trained and qualified experts are in high demand and usually get a bigger salary than non-PhDs. If you already have a PhD or are on your way to getting it, you should know that you have all chances for success.

If you have some doubts, read further and find out what makes your doctoral experience the perfect work experience.

1. You Can Find the Right Answers Easily

As a researcher, you know how to determine the problems and find the most accurate solutions. Simply recollect all those days and months when you’ve been dealing with the most complex academic issues trying to find the answers to the unknown questions. No doubt, you know how to approach the task from different angles. You can dig deeply into any area and find credible information with ease.

Guess what? This skill is the number one desired ability for any industry position. In other words, as a PhD, you have a great experience in complex problem solving and decision making, which is highly appreciated by most employers. Make sure you excel in this area and pleasant and rewarding work experience is guaranteed.

2. You Do Not Afraid to Fail

Your life experience PhD has taught you how to learn from the failure. You understood pretty quickly that you would have to conduct the same experiment 20 times just to find the answer to the smallest issue. At college, you fail over and over again. Then you wake up the next morning and continue to resolve the problems. Why? Because you know that the failure is the best teacher and it always shows you what to do next.

Learning from mistakes requires two main things: having the self-confidence to admit them and being courageous to make changes. However, not all people can do that, most people will quit once they face the difficulties. You have a great advantage over them.

3. You Know How to Work with Bad Mentors

It is not a secret that many PhDs have horrible mentors. These academics have become professors without any interpersonal skills or management training. As a result, you may receive not expert guidance and support but unpleasant cooperation that will block you from graduating.

If you are in academia now and struggling with a negative mentor, know this – you’ll never face such problems again. Even the worst bosses cannot be compared with the bad mentors at college. Simply keep in mind that everything you’re going through at college prepares you for a better future at the workplace.

4. You Feel Good with Uncertainty

If you are a PhD or getting a degree, then you are comfortable with unpredictability and anxiety. You are not sure if your next grant will be funded. You don’t know whether your paper will pass the second reviewer. You have no idea when the committee will tell you to defend the thesis. Everything you are doing can be proven untrue anytime.

Although, most people cannot understand this. They don’t like to take risks and always want to be sure about the future. The majority of people will always choose unhappiness over uncertainty. You may use this to your advantage.

5. You Have Powerful Business Writing Skills

You have spent years preparing all types of writing assignments, from essays and lab reports to dissertations. As a result, you know how to organize your thoughts, structure your message logically and present the materials attractively. If you have a PhD, you are an excellent creator of information. And this kind of experience is precious.

Most people in business offices today spend 20 percent of their time writing. Emails, letters, reports, different documents are all those things they face daily at workplace. However, the truth is that not everyone has effective writing skills. In fact, most people don’t even know how to write a report.

Therefore, effective writing skills can make a big difference to your productivity and career success.

6. You Are a Team Player

Companies are always looking for people who are successful team players. Collaborating with the team members has a lot of advantages: creating an enthusiasm for learning, building trust, avoiding conflicts, producing more innovative solutions to the problems. In other words, effective cooperation gives you an opportunity to work respectively with other people who have absolutely different responsibilities, background and areas of expertise.

Your PhD experience allows you to cooperate with other students. You have to share resources, compete for publications and discuss the problems. No one is more qualified than you to work in a team. The ability to work effectively with other people is a great advantage that will help you to receive the desired job.

7. You Are Qualified for Any Job

A PhD degree perfectly prepares you for any job you are interested in. You have the knowledge, you have the useful skills, you have fresh ideas and true passion. You can adapt quickly to the new environment, demands and task. Isn’t it what all employers are looking for? All you have to do is to take the most of everything you’ve learned at college.

The reality is that the work never stops, even after the grad school. It can be difficult to accept, but the higher your expectations, the more you’ll need to work after college. But don’t worry, your PhD life experience will allow you to learn the skills that will serve you in any job. You simply should take advantage of the knowledge you’ve got while earning a degree!

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