Job Opportunities for PhD Students: Everything You Need to Know[Slides]

Considering alternative careers for PhD students? Wonder what jobs you can do with PhD? How to boost your chances to get a non-academic job? You’ll find all useful information in our presentation!

One of the most complex decisions for every PhD student is whether or not to pursue a career in academia. In order to make the right choice, you need to know what alternative paths are out there. You may be surprised to find out that there is a great number of options. Surely, you can get an academic job in the teaching and educational sector. However, you can consider other industries, such as science and technology, that recently has become more research-oriented. To help you be more informed about the career opportunities, we have gathered some interesting information here, at

Thanks to the research conducted by,, and, you can have a look at the accurate numbers of Doctorate recipients by the field of study, PhD graduate destinations, type of work they do, the debt of new Doctoral degree graduates, etc. This data will help you understand the current market situation and push you to make a right decision.

Find out what skills make your PhD more employable, including project skills, entrepreneurship, communication skills, information and knowledge skills. Check out how to increase your chances of getting a non-academic job, what other PhD graduates do, how to sell yourself to the employers and explore the opportunities in the industry related to your PhD, what are the good starting points.

There are specific experiences and activities that should be undertaken while doing your PhD to develop essential skills and connections within a particular industry. As the market becomes more competitive, a thorough career preparation is needed. The earlier you find out about these options, the more meaningful experiences you’ll get. Don’t overlook the importance of exploring opportunities and networking – this is usually a difference between a great job offer and unemployment.

Your career is your own responsibility, so choose a route that fits you personally!

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