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So, you’ve finished your dissertation. Congratulations! The hardest part is over, right? You’ve done your research, described your methodology, created an annotated bibliography and have come to interesting, innovative conclusions. Partially, it’s true. However, a huge part of work is still not done. You need to revise and edit the whole thing. Quite often, having gone through the pages over and over again you lose the sharpness of the eye. Thus, you’re likely to miss lots of unfortunate details. But with a project as important as a dissertation, blunders and typos are inexcusable. That’s when you might need dissertation editing services.

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What makes us the company that provides the best dissertation editing services? Well, there are many reasons to that, the most important being that we know the difference between proofreading and proper editing.

Our professionals, providing dissertation editing services have written and edited lots of papers of this kind before. That’s why you may be sure, that with us you’ll get a finely-polished, flawless version of your dissertation.

When you choose our editing services your dissertation will not be just checked for grammar mistakes and typos. Any English student could do this work. What we offer is far more profound and complex.


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We Work to Make Your Dissertation Perfect

Editing dissertation services we provide go beyond the standard checks for grammatical and syntactic mistakes. A professional from our Quality Assurance team, who will be assigned to edit your paper, will thoroughly examine the work for factual inaccuracies and lack of smooth transitions between chapters, paragraphs and subtopics. They will also analyze the language you’ve used in your work. Frequently, people tend to use overly complicated constructions and too long sentences to express ideas, that will only benefit from brevity and conciseness. Our experts will get rid of all the redundant and wordy phrases, without losing their sense and distorting your original intent.

Another important aspect that will not be left unnoticed is plagiarism. Being a researcher yourself, you definitely understand that intellectual theft is not just unethical, but simply illegal. You might have simply forgotten to cite a source. The consequences remain the same. Thus, we’ll act in your best interest, inspecting your work even for the smallest displays of plagiarism.

Dissertation is an academic paper. It has to be not just written in a succinct and sophisticated language. It also must be properly formatted. Specify which of the styles you were supposed to use and we’ll assure, that each comma will be in its right place.

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Dissertation is the most important writing task you’ll have to perform in your career. We want you to succeed and we’re ready to devote time and energy to that.
Out editors are not just experienced professionals. In addition to that, they have all been doctoral students once. That’s why they know exactly, what factors you need to consider to not just do it, but to impress a dissertation committee. Trusting them with your paper you may be confident, that it will fit all the classic requirements and reflect your ideas to the greatest extent.

Leave the editing to our professionals and relax. You’ll get the best possible version of your work. There’s just one thing left for you to do: go get a bottle of champagne. Having your dissertation finished is definitely worth celebration!

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