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Thesis absract: how the hell do you write it?

Thesis Abstract: How the Hell do you write it?

As a graduate student you will most likely need to provide a thesis in order to receive your degree and graduate your courses. And when you write your thesis you will absolutely need to write a thesis abstract since they will be the first thing that is read. But what is a thesis abstract and … read more

how to write a thesis statement

How to Write a Thesis Statement: 5 Simple Steps

Writing a thesis statement doesn’t have to be a boring or frustrating ordeal as long as you know how to write it properly. Sit back, relax, and take a read at this blog post, which is aimed at assisting you in writing a good thesis statement that leaves your professor impressed. Here are 5 simple … read more

thesis defense tips

Thesis Defense Tips

Defending your thesis can be one of the most stressful events for post-graduates. Feelings of anxiety about the quality of your research, your preparedness and your ability to accurately represent your topic in front of experts can make it hard for you to sleep the night (or week) before your presentation even if you wrote … read more

Dissertation Formatting: Top 10 Must Know Things

As a doctorate student, there are several things you must know when you start to draft your dissertation. There are several common mistakes that you need to avoid should you want your dissertation to be taken seriously and truly reflect the hard work you have put into it. So you can properly succeed in your … read more


Defending A Dissertation Successfully: Top 10 Tips

So, you’ve finished your dissertation. The final full stop is already put, you’ve revised and edited ruthlessly and even managed to submit the whole thing on time. What a great feeling, right? But wait, what is this little annoying voice in your head trying to say? “You still have to defend it”? Well, don’t roll … read more


Dissertation vs Thesis – What’s the Difference?

“Thesis” and “dissertation” – these terms have made people scratch their hands not once. To make things even more obscure, they are quite often used interchangeably. What’s obvious, though, is that when you’re facing the need to write one of these, you’ve come to an important milestone in your education and scientific career. But what … read more

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