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Your PhD Experience a Good Work Experience

What Makes Your PhD Experience a Good Work Experience

You’ve heard that a hundred times: being at college isn’t the “real world,” and the longer you are there, the less you know about how that “real world” functions. However, contrary to this biased belief, your PhD experience is a great work experience. Don’t let other people disorient you. Your doctoral degree gives you a … read more

Life after phd in USA

Life After PhD: How to Get Ready for It

When you start college, it seems that you have ages to think about what you will do after graduation. While some students know what they want to do after college since their fresher’s week, many don’t start to make their mind about it until the final year. Anyone who has done a PhD will tell … read more

Top 10 Transferable Skills You Get as a PhD Student

Top 10 Transferable Skills You Get as a PhD Student

Whether you know it or not, postgraduate school gives you a chance to develop new skills that go far beyond the research. Simply put, these transferable skills are skills that can be applied to a variety of jobs in business, government, industry, non-profit organizations. In the completive job market, they will be of great value. … read more

how to do a cop edit of your thesis

How to Do a Copy Edit of Your Thesis

Does your writing stick to the point? Have you presented material in a clear and logical order? Haven’t you made any silly typos? The art of editing will help you answer all these questions with ease! Editing is all about making it easy to read your work. It ensures the good use of grammar and … read more

how to overcome phd stress

5 Tips on How to Overcome PhD Stress

Getting your PhD is a difficult, yet highly rewarding life achievement that will not only prove your educational experience and skills, it can also cause you large amounts of stress and anxiety. A PhD is a highly-regarded level of education that pushes your knowledge to its limits. Although feeling stressed out during this milestone is … read more

famous dissertations

Famous Dissertations That Changed the World

Man is only a reed, the weakest in nature, but he is a thinking reed’ said Blaise Pascal, the renowned French genius who was a mathematician, philosopher, inventor, physicist, and writer. Pascal perfectly explained the dynamic modern-day humans. It won’t take much to snuff life out of a human being, just a slash across the … read more

academic degree vs vocational degree

Academic Degree vs Vocational Degree

So you want to further your education, but you’re not sure of which route to go. Some will suggest to obtain an academic degree, while others will hail the advantages of a vocational degree. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, we’ve found the pros and cons of each so you can make the best … read more

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